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About the topic areas

The REC carries out project activities in specialised working teams, or topic areas, that make use of the expertise available at all organisational levels of the REC (REC HQ and COs). The REC’s topic area system provides a flexible framework for putting the knowledge and skills of our international organisation into practice across borders and disciplines. Our aim is to take a proactive approach in serving our regions and the beneficiary and donor communities.

The system exploits the full potential of our network of country offices; our ability to work in local languages; our established contacts with high-level officials and experts; and our role as a neutral platform for the exchange of ideas and experience.

The REC Strategy defines two main directions of work in the 2011-2015 period: governance for sustainability; and green economy. Within these main directions of work, the REC currently has 12 topic areas:

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Climate Change and Clean Energy
  3. Educational Tools
  4. Environmental Financing
  5. Environmental Management
  6. Health and Environment
  7. Law Development, Enforcement and Compliance
  8. Local Governance
  9. Participatory Governance
  10. Smart Cities and Mobility
  11. Sustainable Development Academy
  12. Water Management


The REC topic areas have developed various products and services for use across the partner countries in the implementation of our project activities.

For further information, please contact Radoje Lausevic, Deputy Executive Director, Environmental Policy Directorate (rlausevic at